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Application Programming Interface - (API)

MediaPing is the best in the industry for integrations using our
custom API allowing you to communicate via SMS with your

Longcode, &

More ways to connect with your clients. Text and Voice replys.


When you say something is just as important as what you say. Set it and forget it, with MediaPing.

Text Message communication is extremely powerful and effective for any business. Traditional forms of marketing have seen a steep decline in effectiveness and penetration. With Mobile Marketing read rates are at 97% and redemption rates between 8% and 12%, Mobile Marketing is the most powerful advertising, marketing, and communication method on the planet.

MediaPing provides Mobile Communication solutions for businesses and organizations to enable group & one-to-one communication with their customers and personnel on their mobile phones. MediaPing’s innovative Mobile Communication service makes it the easiest solution available for integrating text messaging with any application, marketing, or communication campaign. 

MediaPing’s Text Message Marketing platform allows you to reach out to your customers and motivate them to interact with your business instantly! Text them at the moment they are ready to purchase products and services with mobile coupons, alerts, updates, and more! Create more phone calls, appointments, walk-ins, and keep your customers interacting with your business, giving you more opportunities to drive revenue and gain market share. With MediaPing, Text Marketing couldn’t be easier!

With an open rate of 97%, Text Reminders are the most effective and cost efficient way to remind your customers of important dates and times. Text Reminders can be used for appointments, bill pays, important calls, birthdays, anniversaries and so much more.
SMS – Means “short message service.” SMS Marketing is another way of saying Text Marketing.
MediaPing is a Mobile Marketing Company providing Mobile Marketing and Mobile Communication Solutions for businesses.